Clavo de Alegre in the MOPC: remember when Salyn denounced the "route of lies"

Clavo de Alegre in the MOPC: remember when Salyn denounced the “route of lies”

A video from previous years went viral on social networks, where the current senator Enrique Salyn Buzarquis spoke of the “route of lies” in relation to the management of Efraín Alegre as Minister of Public Works.

In relation to the lapidary report prepared by the General Audit Office of the Executive Power (AGPE) during the administration of Fernando Lugo, which revealed that Efraín Alegre managed the MOPC like a “bowling alley” and caused damage worth US$ 37 million, Senator Enrique Salyn Buzarquis, asked that “absolutely everything be audited.”

After Buzarquis’ statements, on social networks They reminded him of a video of him when he was in charge of publicly denouncing Efraín Alegre for the well-known “route of lies.” “Here there was an error, the work was awarded to an insolvent company. You have to call things by their name and the person responsible is the minister at that time, Efraín Alegre”, Salyn attacked.

The “route of the lie” alludes to the

route XIII, that unites Caaguazú, Yhú and Vaquería, for which millionaire disbursements were made during Alegre’s administration, without the work being executed.

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Following the Alegre management report, They discovered cases of planillerismo, stopped works, theft of fuels, machinery, rigged tenders and other gems.

The result of the report was shelved, but, months later, the then President of the Republic, Fernando Lugo, dismissed Alegre, causing the PLRA to vote shortly after to condemn the ex-bishop in the impeachment trial.

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