Ortiz Tejeda: We are no longer the same

▲ Vicente Fox Quesada and Marta Sahagún, the couple who bought $400 towels and $3,500 sheets for Los Pinos in 2001.Photo Maria Luisa Severiano


and new account the confrontation, the clash of oppositions. The conflicting proposals and a diversity of points of view demanding that the column finish each time the topic that it starts, I demand such a claim that a few hundred demand. Hundreds of others thought that it exhausts each issue to the very end, even if it does so in chapters (or deliveries, it was previously said). As the columnette wants, but the main thing is that she addresses the issues of the previous week that ended 24 or 48 hours earlier. We want comments, points of view of what is happening in our time, not chronicles of a past that, given what is happening today, no longer shocks or shocks us, is the opinion of a large block of readers. There is, of course, an extremist wave made up essentially of those belonging to the fifth and sixth age who prefer a variety of short notes or interesting anecdotes that are not forgotten and can liven up the gatherings that in those houses do not have schedules. And, finally, the rest consider that the best thing about the columnette is its longevity and, despite its poor retention, it knows something that contemporaries do not know. Sometimes they have to resort to the memoirs that at the end of their six-year term the former presidents commission their super-organic intellectuals to write down their odysseys, even though they end up being less credible than the adventures of Gulliver.

Let the column be the chest of memories, the old gospel, sometimes PRI or governmental (are they different?) others, insurrectionist and protester. Let him tell us when he was the protagonist, supporting actor, extra, extra, or simply a first-hand listener of facts, sayings and consequences. These fair demands are more than a trilemma, but old age brings knowledge or at least tricks (manias, my mother would correct me: tricks animals, manias people). That is why the columnette considered two selection routes: either a national survey was called to make a decision, on the basis that the majority rules, or they would simply consult some close friends, but qualified and loyal and who necessarily have to read the rolls of We are no longer the same. In principle, the first option was considered, but with the costs of the INE it would mean the end of the columnette and the newspaper.

But we are going directly to share some figurations about the meeting of the President in office, with the five former presidents.

He was the first to arrive: Don Vicente Fox. Martita, days in advance, had booked the presidential suite (or was it the bridal suite?), and brought from New York the most renowned team in application of the novelty of the moment: not the make-upbut the make-up no make-up, that is, makeup without makeup: soft, luminous, hydrated skin, but with a completely natural appearance. Martita put him to bed at 7:30 pm, she ate a boiled apple and a thin slice of ham. She placed a few slices of fresh cucumber on his eyelids and she put him to sleep. The next day it was 6:30 am when she woke him up with a minimal, but nutritious snack. They gave him a light massage and dressed him in keeping with the Texan style, but now his trousers were a mix of valuable silk/wool and the camisole pure silk. Her usual ankle boots now in a single color and without worms, bought at the world famous Harrods department store in London, but made in León, although Martita thinks the London ones are more chic. Finally, he put on his Ken Salazar brand hat and traveled to the parking lot of the Mexico City Hotel, which took him 200 meters to the National Palace. Nothing escapes Martita: What if they try to kidnap him?

These figurations will continue. Next week Don Carlos Salinas arrives at the National Palace.

I have two lay responses pending for Genaro Vásquez Colmenares and for Jorge Fons. Trying fair words for them will be my way of remembering them and expressing my tribute.

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