Ortega’s dictatorship takes responsibility for removing CNN from cable, but Claro attributes it to “orders from the provider”

After the regime of Daniel Ortega ordered the signal of the international network CNN en Español to be taken off the air, Article 66 consulted the customer service area of ​​the Nicaraguan Telecommunications Company of Claro Nicaragua, who argued that the decision was “by orders of the provider.”

«The CNN channel is off the grid due to provider decisions. The exit of the channel applies to all cable service operators and will be notified once it is configured again,” assured a customer service operator, who pointed out that she could not transfer the communication with any representative of the company because “it is the same information that is handled”.

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He also stated that the company is taking into account the opinion of customers “because it verified that reports have been received regarding that channel; hopefully they can follow up on him and they can get the channel back again and get him back on the line.”

When asked by this media outlet who is the provider of the CNN Channel, Claro limited itself to saying that “at the moment that is the information we handle” and stressed that “You will be notified once they reset it again.” In addition, he denied that this decision had been ordered by the government of Daniel Ortega.

Telcor “CNN content contravenes legal norms”

Claro’s affirmation and promise to restore the signal of the CNN en Español Channel contradicts what was stated this afternoon by the Institute of Telecommunications and Mail (Telcor), which notified that “it has been verified that the content transmitted by the CNN en Español Channel to through the subscription television network of its represented, contravenes, violates and harms the aforementioned legal norms, therefore, they are ordered to immediately withdraw said channel from the channel grids authorized by this regulatory entity to its represented ».

“I ask you to inform this regulatory body, as soon as possible, which will be the channel with which “CNN en Español” will be replaced in the channel grids authorized for your client, for our review and authorization,” concluded the legal director. of Telcor, Eduardo Martin Salguera Landero.

Ortega's dictatorship takes responsibility for removing CNN from cable, but Claro attributes it to "orders from the provider"
Claro contradicts Ortega’s decision and affirms that censorship of CNN en Español was “by orders of the provider”

The decision of the Ortega regime to take CNN en Español off the air took place on the night of Wednesday, September 21, as explained by the journalist and presenter Fernando del Rincón.

“The Nicaraguan government took our television signal off the air, denying Nicaraguans news and information from a network they have trusted for 25 years,” the communicator said.

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Through a publication on its web portal, CNN en Español indicated that it has tried to obtain a response, both from the Nicaraguan regime as well as from the cable operators that carry the signal of said chain, however, this has not been possible.

The censorship of this medium adds to the closure of some twenty religious and community radio stations, as well as local television media, which the Nicaraguan dictatorship, through Telcor, has ordered to be taken off the air in recent months.

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