Ortega takes advantage of a tropical storm to proselytize and attack "neoliberal" governments

Ortega takes advantage of a tropical storm to proselytize and attack “neoliberal” governments

In the midst of the alert for the entry of tropical storm Bonnie, the dictator of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, reappeared this Friday to make political proselytism for the previous handling that his regime has given to the arrival of this phenomenon and attack governments previous “neoliberals”, who according to him did not know how to deal well with this type of emergency.

Ortega, who reappeared supported by a large group of officials from different state institutions, began his speech by recalling the phenomena that have impacted Nicaragua. He mentioned the case of Hurricane Juana, in 1988, and the actions carried out at that time by the Sandinista regime during his first government.

«It is good to remember so as not to forget and not to forget so as not to repeat mistakes. I remember when Hurricane Juana, which came in full force, which was advancing, which continued, and in the end, Juana broke over Corn Island and then Bluefields. I remember that we went to Bluefields, where the people who did not want to evacuate, of course there was no evacuation system like now with Sinapred,” said Ortega.

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Immediately afterwards, the president mentioned the experience that Nicaragua lived with the passage of Hurricane Mitch, in 1998, under the administration of the “neoliberal” government of Arnoldo Alemán, “managed by imperialism.”

“With Mitch, they came through Honduras and as if they cared little about taking any action, and the mayor of Posoltega, Felícita Zeledó, the Sandinista mayor, communicated with us, saying that everything was being flooded and that there was no sign of the government to respond. the situation (…) the result, more than a thousand dead from that catastrophe, from that phenomenon,” Ortega compared.

He stressed that, on the other hand, under his administration “how work has been done” has been seen, through the different institutions, which since previous days were activated with the emergency plans before Bonnie’s arrival. “We are still evacuating and then when it arrives with greater force, in terms of intensity of rains, that we have the population already sheltered in shelters, taking into account that we know the route that it has brought and that it will possibly continue,” manifested.

However, Ortega did not detail how many shelters his government has set up in the Caribbean area and how many families have had to be removed from their homes and communities to serve them in those shelters.

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. Taken from The 19 Digital

Bonnie’s entry to Nicaragua

Ortega pointed out that Bonnie is expected to make landfall between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. this Friday, but insisted that state institutions are already prepared to provide the necessary help and attention.

At the moment the phenomenon is approaching the southeast coast of Nicaragua. Until an hour ago it was 66 kilometers southeast of San Juan de Nicaragua.

Earlier, the Ortega regime declared a green and yellow alert in Nicaraguan territory due to the passage of tropical storm Bonnie.

On the forecast track, Bonnie will move across the southwestern Caribbean Sea starting today Friday, cross southern Nicaragua or northern Costa Rica by night, and emerge over the eastern Pacific Ocean on Saturday and may strengthen to become hurricane over its waters.

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