Ortega launches his international propagandist, the Italian Fabrizio Casari, to attack the church

The dictators Ortega and Murillo launched their international propaganda machine to try to legitimize their attacks against the Catholic Church and in that mission, the political lobbyist in Europe and propagandist in the pay of the regime, the Italian Fabrizio Casari, attacked the Catholic clergy. Nicaraguan calling him money launderers and coup plotters, and also threatening them.

Casari, whom the dictatorship has presented as a “journalist, political analyst, researcher and editor of a newspaper in his country”, avoiding saying the name of said newspaper, published in the official propaganda medium El 19 Digital, an opinion article titled “Money under the cassock,” in which he makes serious accusations, without evidence, against the Nicaraguan clergy, which should be considered, according to the laws of the dictatorship, “interference in matters that only concern Nicaragua.”

The international propagandist for the dictatorship who, according to a search carried out on the Internet, is the editor of an Italian digital magazine called “Altrenotizie”, which only has 2,800 followers on Facebook, ventures to affirm that “the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office puts discovered heavy and disturbing truths, which bring to light a traffic of money and goods attributable to illegal activities”, referring to the accusation of money laundering that the Ortega Police accuses the Catholic Church.

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In addition, in paragraphs built with assumptions based on terms such as: «the hypothesis is credible; it is likely that; It is conceivable that”, he assures that the Nicaraguan authorities have discovered an “alliances and intersections between coups, ecclesiastical hierarchies and criminal activities”, always at the weight of the language.

Fabrizio Casari is an old acquaintance of dictators. In February 2021, he was hired by the Government of Nicaragua to lobby European governments, supposedly to soften the sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU) on officials and institutions of the dictatorship. For this contract, the Italian made a payment of 210,000 dollars to the State in one year, according to an investigation of the Expediente Público portalwhich revealed the “business”.

In addition, Casari was one of the “notable” characters who attended as “observers” to validate the 2021 presidential vote, in which Ortega and his wife, Rosario Murillo, declared themselves winners.

The foreigner issues serious threats

According to Casari, her employers, whom she calls “Sandinista Nicaragua,” have the right to defend themselves against alleged attacks by the Church and she is not “willing to back down from crime, she knows how to defend herself and does so without looking so much at the fine print.” , in open threats against the clergy.

The foreigner adds that “El Carmen” knows that he must defend himself and “has chosen to end all patience and respond blow by blow to the supposed untouchability of a sect (Catholic Church) that has exchanged faith for hatred, prayers for terror, subversion for the pastoral mission».

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He warns that “the country’s political leadership (Ortega and Murillo) knows that the defeat of the subversive attempt does not mean the end of the coup project, so there will be no underestimation.” He assures that they do not care about the international support that the Church may receive because “the accounts are made in Nicaragua and not elsewhere.”

Finally, he seals his threats by saying that, in the name of the peace that the Ortega-Murillos preach, “on the part of Sandinismo there will be no uncertainty, no hesitation, no indulgence, no timidity in acting. There will be no mistakes.”

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