Highway projects, health centers and sports facilities record significant progress

Important advances in highway projects, health centers and sports facilities were detailed by the officials responsible for each entity during the weekly session of the Cabinet for Monitoring Budget Execution and Commitments, which was headed by the Minister of the Presidency, José Simpson and Saleh Asvat, Executive Secretary of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

The Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, announced the fulfillment of various projects related to the “Uniendo Fuerzas” Action Plan and detailed that 43 highway and 24 bridge projects have been delivered while another number of bridges are being enabled in the national territory to through the Bridges for Progress program.

He announced that the tender for the rehabilitation of the Santiago-San Francisco-Santa Fe highway has already been uploaded to the Panama Purchase portal, whose public act date will be next July 25, among other priority projects to be delivered this year.

With respect to the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA), the Vice Minister of Infrastructure, Ricardo Sánchez indicated about the presentation of accounts payable for B/.11 million for finished school projects such as the Pedro Pablo Sánchez Secondary School and the Nuevo Chorrillo School , both in Panama West, among other schools.

While the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, pointed out that the installation of electrical energy in the Kuna Nega Health Center was completed and work is being done on equipment and human resources. He also highlighted that the Children’s in Tambo, Coclé will be ready for delivery with equipment next September.

Pandeportes was the entity that registered the highest progress in budget execution this week with 14.6% to reach a total execution of 49.5%.

The deputy director of Pandeportes, Larissa Díaz reported the important progress in the construction of the Roberto Mariano Bula stadium in the city of Colón with the conclusion of the construction of section A of the parking lots and the start of work on section B. She highlighted the arrival of the prefabricated structures for the stands of the new stadium.

He reported that last week a tour of the progress of the construction was carried out with the media and with members of the community of Colonia.

The official specified that the Panama Al Brown gym is expected to be ceded land by the Reverted Assets Unit and the technical report on the costs of the project is ready. She indicated that the “Gato Brujo” Salinos stadium is 91.6% complete with the wait for the occupation permit by the Fire Department and installation of the grass.

For his part, the Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning (MIVIOT), Rogelio Paredes highlighted the progress of the housing project in Altos de Los Lagos in Colón, as well as the housing project in Nuevo Cartí, Guna Yala Region.

Meanwhile, the head of the Government, Roger Tejada, reported that the entity registers a 26% execution of the investment budget with 14 priority projects, among which he pointed out the placement next August of the first shovel for the construction of the Women’s Rehabilitation Center in Pacora, and highlighted the progress of the projects with the World Bank.

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