Suyen Barahona: "I haven't been able to hear my son's laugh for a year"

Ortega is sued to allow Suyen Barahona’s son to visit his mother in prison

The political prisoner and president of Unamos, Suyen Barahona, has not been able to see or communicate with her five-year-old son for 15 months. The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega continues to deny this right to the opposition, denounces the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders (IM-Defenders).

through the campaign “Let them free”promoted by the feminist organization, highlight that the judicial authorities at Ortega’s service do not allow the prisoner of conscience to speak with her little boy “or see a photo or drawing made by him.”

“The last time (the boy) saw his mother was when the police came to his house,” said IM-Defenders, who demand that Ortega-Murillo authorize Barahona’s son to visit her in the cells of the Aid Directorate. Judicial, known as “El Chipote”.

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The couple of dictators to the political prisoner deny her the right to see and communicate with her little one since June 13, 2021.

Faced with this situation, the feminist entity reminded Ortega that he is violating the Nicaraguan Constitution and international law by not allowing the children to see their mother.

“According to Law 473, Suyen Barahona has the right to a call with her son; According to the Children’s Code, her son has the right to speak with her and according to Nelson Mandela rule number 58, she has the right to communicate with her son and her relatives through correspondence, telecommunications, “said the NGO.

Likewise, he stressed that the president of Unamos “knows and claims her rights and those of her son, which are recognized by Nicaraguan law and international human rights standards, and from the cell where she is kept deprived of liberty, she demands that respect them.”

Ortega is sued to allow Suyen Barahona's son to visit his mother in prison

César Dubois, Barahona’s husband, told Article 66 that as a family they have filed several legal petitions and on social networks demanding that “her right (of the opponent) to see our son be respected and that a letter, a drawing, a call, a video call be allowed. Let there be communication because that is the right of our son and also that of Suyen ».

Political prisoners Miguel Mora, Tamara Dávila, Miguel Mendoza, Félix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro and Róger Reyes also experience this same situation of forced separation with their sons and daughters. All of them have been denied the right to communicate by any means with their minor relatives.

The regime has only allowed Tamara Dávila and Miguel Mora to see their children. Both inmates were on a hunger strike demanding to communicate with their offspring in the face of the Ortega dictatorship’s refusal.

“Let’s agree with Suyen Barahona by amplifying her voice and her demand so that she can communicate regularly with her son through phone calls or video calls and receive and send letters, photos and drawings,” concluded IM-Defenders.

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