Melitón Arrocha: ‘Blandón is trying to cling to power, I think his time has passed’

The former minister and former deputy of the Panameñista Party, and who is now running as a pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the free candidacy, Melitón Arrocha, referred this Wednesday, on Radio Panama, about his alleged process of expulsion from said group, an act which he himself has called a “tailor-made expulsion”.

According to Arrocha, he has called this attempted expulsion because he is convinced that there are several dozen members of Panamanianism who are also running for free candidacy, but in his opinion, other members of the leadership have chosen him or have focused on him. only on it to take this action.

“There is an interest in curtailing the right of any member of the party who does not find that some members of the leadership are leading the party in the most suitable way and have distanced themselves from the true interests of the country and that they are making a friendly opposition “, held.

In his opinion, the party’s president, José Isabel Blandón, is “politically vulnerable in the primary election, which is not vulnerable to electoral subsidies.”

Deepening the internal situation of the Panameñista Party, Arrocha considered that Mireya Mosco and Juan Carlos Varela are already part of the group’s past, and do not represent the future of the Panameñistas.

“I think he (Blandón) is trying to cling to power, that I think the time has passed for today’s president of the party,” he remarked.

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