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Ortega continues to “take and put” ambassadors and cancel the appointment of his delegate in Belgium

The dictator Daniel Ortega continues with his constant “remove and put” of ambassadors around the world, and this Wednesday it was the turn of Sylvia Celina Miranda Paniagua to be canceled as concurrent ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium.

The presidential agreement 69-2023, published in the Official Gazette number 100, of this Wednesday, June 7, annuls the appointment of Miranda Paniagua as extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Nicaragua before the Government of the Kingdom of Belgium, as a concurrent and based in Paris, France.

Miranda is one more diplomat who does not last in the position assigned to her by the dictators Ortega and Rosario Murillo. She only lasted a little over two months. She had been appointed on March 29, according to the presidential agreement 38-2023. She is still ambassador to France, a position she assumed in September 2022, through presidential agreement number 136-2022.

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Ortega and Murillo maintain a constant movement in the foreign service. They appoint and remove ambassadors almost every week. Many representatives last a very short time in office.

For a former Nicaraguan diplomat who asked to keep his identity confidential, in Nicaragua the Foreign Ministry, as the governing body of diplomacy, has been stripped of all authority by the dictators, who manage the diplomatic corps at will.

“Currently there is neither a Foreign Ministry nor a chancellor in Nicaragua, basically everything works from El Carmen,” criticizes the former diplomat, referring to the little or no authority that Foreign Minister Denis Moncada has, who on official trips is overshadowed and subordinated to his son of dictators, Laureano Ortega.

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He explains that some time ago, dictators only cared about controlling some embassies, the ones of greatest interest to them, but “Every day all diplomatic activity is being centralized from El Carmen. There are no longer diplomats, but operators of the regime », he stressed.

He criticized that the Ortega-Murillo family have destroyed the diplomatic career and now the only requirements to be a diplomat of the dictatorship are two: “loyalty and absolute obedience. If you do not have absolute loyalty and obedience, you will not last in office », he explained.

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