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Valle Roca details his state of health and denounces the poor diet in the Combinado del Este

MADRID, Spain.- The independent journalist and Cuban political prisoner Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca gave details about his delicate state of health and the terrible conditions of the maximum security prison Combinado del Este, where he remains imprisoned.

In a recent telephone conversation with his wife Eralidis Frómeta, the dissident, who is practically sightless, said that he still has not been able to see an ophthalmologist.

“They still haven’t done the fundus test that they told me they were going to do and, on top of that, they took me to the optometrist. Without testing me, he gave me a piece of paper there to make my glasses, but imagine, without measuring my eyesight, ”said the reporter.

It is worth noting that last week her husband denounced that the prison authorities were not delivering the eye medicine that she sent him.

In the phone call, shared by Frómeta to Radio Television Martí, Valle Roca also said that he continues with sequelae of the lung reinforcement that he has suffered since he was arrested. Despite that, he has to take a bath with cold water.

“I have not been guaranteed hot water and I already discussed it,” he said in this regard.

Valle Roca, director of the digital blog deliberates, He also denounced that the food continues to be “disgusting.”

“They are giving less rice; They used to give two eggs and now they give one, the amount of food they give is very little and it is in poor condition, poorly cooked. That hash looks like, I don’t know what, and, wow, it’s a pasta that I don’t know what it looks like, and it comes with lizards inside, and then, imagine yourself, ”she specified.

Lázaro Yuri Valle Roca was condemned in July 2022 to five years in prison by the Havana Provincial Court, accused of the alleged crimes of continuous enemy propaganda and resistance. The activist is implicated in Cause 3 of 2022, corresponding to file number 31, related to the release of leaflets with phrases by José Martí and Antonio Maceo that demanded democratic reforms in Cuba, freedom for political prisoners and an end to repression. The release of the leaflets was recorded and shared on the networks by Valle Roca on June 14, 2021. The following day he was arrested and transferred to the Zapata y C police unit. After staying there for a short time, he was transferred to Villa Marista, the General of the Security of the State of Cuba, and later to the Combinado del Este.

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