Ortega attacks the president of Argentina and accuses him of being an “instrument of the Yankee empire”

The dictator of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega reappeared this Monday, August 15, to attack the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, who is in charge of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) and accused him of being an “instrument of the Yankee empire”, who betrayed the principles of the organization by having a plane seized and 12 Venezuelans implicated in various crimes.

“We are experiencing a painful moment, because the one who occupies the presidency in CELAC is precisely Argentina, it is betraying the principles of CELAC, it is becoming an instrument of the Yankee empire. Since when did Argentina cease to be independent and now respond to US laws and US judges and persecution by the United States, since when?” Ortega questioned this Monday at the 43rd anniversary ceremony of the Nicaraguan Army Naval Force. .

Ortega described the actions of President Fernández’s government as “painful” and recalled that when CELAC was formed, the governments committed to transcending political and ideological differences and being stronger against the “empire’s” attempts to “destroy us, to liquidate us.” . The president said that with a president like this, like Fernández, “it’s embarrassing to be in CELAC.”

Ortega greeted all the ambassadors who accompanied him at the Naval Force event and made special emphasis on the charge d’affaires of Argentina. He then unloaded a flurry of insults against the Argentine president.

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According to the president, the Fernández administration is playing a “more shameful, sadder, more degrading role than the one played by (Luis) Almagro, (OAS Secretary General), who is openly an instrument of the gringos. He has 11, 12 Venezuelan brothers kidnapped there simply because the Yankees order it, from Washington, and they wash their hands saying, that is a matter of justice”.

“I did not know that now the Argentine justice is submitting to the dictates of the Yankee empire and has hijacked a plane there, following in the same footsteps of the British empire that robs the Venezuelan people of the gold it had deposited in British banks, or following in the footsteps from the United States that the companies that Venezuela had set up, with its own resources and capital, are stealing from Venezuela,” Ortega continued.

Ortega was accompanied at the ceremony by his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, the Chief of the Nicaraguan Army, General Julio César Avilés, the Chief of the Naval Force, Ángel Eugenio Fonseca Donaire, and Police authorities.

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Call for the release of Venezuelans

“I don’t know what end Celac will have if Argentina doesn’t have the decency and the honor not to submit to the empire,” he added.

He added that Argentina “can only prove it by immediately releasing the Venezuelan brothers who have them imprisoned there, as if Argentina were a district of Miami, of the United States.”

Also “returning the plane to its true owners, who are not the Yankees, but the State of Venezuela,” he said.

Ortega insisted that it is a “painful moment, a sad moment” and that he personally does not feel “represented in Celac already in the actions of the person who presides over Celac, who is the president of Argentina.”

The Sandinista president said that he has the hope and confidence that “the Argentine people will know how to defend the honor of Argentina and will know how to recognize the right that corresponds to the Venezuelan people.”

Likewise, he expressed solidarity with the families “of those who are detained in Argentina, with President Nicolás Maduro and with all the Venezuelan people who are always fighting this fight against the empire, because it is the empire that is there.” However, Ortega keeps more than 190 political prisoners in the Chipote prisons, who are subjected to torture and inhuman treatment on a daily basis.

Last Thursday, an Argentine judge authorized, at the request of the US Justice, that the plane, held since June at the Ezeiza international airport, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, be seized by representatives of the FBI and the Security Police. Airport.

(With information from EFE)

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