Ortega attacks the opposition on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the political crisis

Ortega attacks the opposition on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the political crisis

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the massive protests against President Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua in April 2018, opponents denounce that the president has restarted a new batch of repression in the Central American country.

Anibal Toruño, director of the Nicaraguan Radio Darío, which operates digitally after the Ortega government canceled its signal, explained on Friday that the authorities of the Attorney General’s Office went to his children’s home to expropriate it. of said property.

“They arrived and occupied the property that was in the name of my children, from third parties, this, in addition to violating the process to carry out this type of action, is serious because they are affecting third-party properties, it is unfortunate that it happens,” Toruño told the Voice of America.

The Toruño children’s house was acquired more than 40 years ago, he explained, and is family heritage. “My family left with only what they had,” lamented the director of Radio Darío.

Technical center will be inaugurated at La Prensa headquarters on April 19

At the same time, the government spokeswoman Rosario Murillo announced on Friday that in the facilities that were confiscated from the newspaper La Prensa, the oldest newspaper in the country, a technical center will be inaugurated on April 19, coinciding with the date on which the 2018 demonstrations began.

“On April 19 in celebration, in joy, we will be inaugurating the José Coronel Urtecho cultural center, the past will not return, precisely on April 19,” Murillo announced.

The emblematic building of the newspaper La Prensa, located on the northern highway, in Managua, was taken over by the Ortega government in 2021, after its general manager Juan Lorenzo Holmann was arrested.

holmann finally was released and he is in the United States, which offered to host him and the more than 200 political prisoners the government released. Holmann, like his other 221 fellow exiles, had their Nicaraguan nationality canceled after his release.

arrests resume

Similarly, the arrests resumed this week with the capture of Dr. Anely Pérez Molina, a vocal critic of the Sandinista president who has been in power for more than 15 years. Pérez Molina was arrested on Thursday, according to opposition organizations.

The government has not ruled on the matter.

“We denounce the arbitrary detention of Dr. Anely Pérez Molina, a member of our Alliance, who was kidnapped last night from her home by the regime’s police. We demand that they release her and respect her physical integrity ”, wrote on Twitter the opposition Civic Alliance, which was formed after the protests of April 2018.

It bothers them that criticism continues

In the opinion of Anibal Toruño, who also had his Nicaraguan nationality annulled, Ortega’s attack against him and the opposition is because the complaint about the crisis the country is experiencing bothers them.

“In my case, my complaint, my voice, my firmness bother them. The message is that many have been silenced inside and have done a lot of damage and I apologize to my family, I have affected them with my decision not to keep quiet,” Toruño lamented. and added that “he will continue to express himself.”

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