Construction work at El Jiral school will resume on Monday, must be completed in 3 months

As of next Monday, March 27, the contractor company that is carrying out the construction of the El Jiral educational center, in the province of Colón, will continue with the work, after reaching an agreement between the Ministry of Education, the Comptroller General of the Republic and the legal representative of the company.

In the next few days, the occupation permit for building A will be requested so that the students start their classes in their own facilities and within a period of three months the work can be completed, which will benefit 582 students and 42 teachers.

An agreement was established to continue the work, install water supply tanks with their respective pumps and sign a new addendum.

This Friday a substantial partial act will be signed that guarantees the continuity of the work that contemplates its conclusion and other commitments acquired by Meduca and the educational community of El Jiral.

Currently, the work registers a 92.57% progress, with an investment of more than 8 million balboas and the acquisition of school furniture that is already on the Panama Compra portal is being managed.

The educational authorities will maintain close communication with educators and parents, to inform them about the progress of the project and next delivery for the convenience of students.

The new facilities include the construction of a high school building, administrative areas, primary classrooms, cafeteria, synthetic field, sanitary system, electrical connection, adaptation of existing structures and a multipurpose building.

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