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Company restructuring process complete

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Company restructuring process complete

In little more than a year, the ueno model was positioned in the Paraguayan market as one of the most successful in terms of banking access. Proof of this are the more than 113,000 customers reached and its arrival in all departments of the country, banking customers from the age of 10.

Since its beginnings in the local financial sphere, ok it managed to stand out and differentiate itself, and even more so now that it is fulfilling its goal of banking more and more Paraguayans in a fast, simple and transparent way, this, after detecting and overcoming the factors that hinder access to financial services for a significant percentage of the Paraguayan population.

How does he do it? By promoting customer self-management, dispensing with the use of traditional branches (branchless banking model). ok left behind conventional schemes to automate processes and provide solutions through digital channels, facilitating the financial inclusion of the population.

By having a friendly and accessible mobile application for all ages, ok it also contributes to early financial education, aiming to generate a savings culture through simple and safe tools.

Users have 100% online service, available 24/7. “We have 113 thousand clients. Our business model consists of achieving a fluid, fast and reliable interaction so that clients can access the services they need in a safe and innovative way”highlighted Luis Linares, general manager of ok.

Bet on financial education

According to data from Global Findex, 41% of Paraguayans are salaried, of which one in five receives their salary in financial institutions and four out of five receive their salary in cash. 59% do not have a fixed salary and only 27% of Paraguayans have a culture of saving. While a study by CAF (Development Bank of Latin America) shows that 87% of Paraguayans say they do not have a debit card or savings account, nor a credit card and say they have not managed personal loans.

An important pillar for the company is financial responsibility, by putting opportunities tailored to their possibilities in the hands of each user, giving them back control of their money, by being able to verify their financial movements in one place.

“The person begins to have financial responsibility by feeling in control of their own money and with the confidence of being able to be part of the financial system and even of being able to carry out international operations through the first double card in the country, the mastercard good duo cardwhich is a credit and debit card (in the same plastic) that can be enabled by downloading the app, thus accessing all the benefits and discounts that we offer with our ok partners”, highlighted Luis Linares.

Commitment to sustainable development

Other value you add ok is that of sustainability to its work model. The project zero paper It is one of the plans that the entity carries out, thus avoiding excessive printing and use of paper, encouraging its use only when necessary, thanks to this they have accounted for 6.13 fewer tons of CO₂ emissions so far. .

Another initiative is “a ueno card = a tree” for which they delivered native tree seeds to their clients; To date, they have delivered more than 18,000 cards and, therefore, 18,000 tree seeds have been delivered in sustainable boxes that indicate how to plant them.

Through the alliance with Ecological Solutions, ok implements recycling and circular economy practices. These and other initiatives are carried out through the work they do with the Global Compact Thematic Tables.

Tool for self-management of companies

In December 2022, it was launched good companiesa new business unit that brought solutions, facilities and a totally innovative process in the banking of companies, aimed at SMEs and large companies, who will be able to save time and costs, registering online in the system.

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