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New earthquake reported in eastern Cuba

A earthquake of magnitude 3.9 was perceptible after noon this Friday in several locations in eastern Cuba.

The telluric movement, which occurred at 12:49 PM (local time), was felt in various locations in Santiago de Cuba, and also in Granma and Guantánamo, according to reports on social networks.

The earthquake, the fifth perceptible of the year on the island, was recorded at a depth of 11.7 km and its epicenter located 37.5 kilometers southwest of the city of Santiago de Cuba.

According to the Cuban National Seismological Service, perceptibility reports had been received in various locations in the municipalities of Santiago de Cuba, San Luis, Palma Soriano, Mella and Tercer Frente, all in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

Other publications also speak of perceptibility in the provinces of Granma and Guantánamo, and locate the epicenter in the Santiago town of Mar Verde.

So far, no material or human damage was reported as a result of the earthquake.

This is the second perceptible tremor this week in the east of the island, after the registered on wednesday in the province of Granma.

Said earthquake was located at a depth of 5 kilometers, had a magnitude of 4 degrees on the Richter open scale and was perceptible in the municipalities of Batolomé Masó and Pilón in Granma.

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