Organizers of the Exponorte fair plan to generate business worth US$11 million and reach 30,000 visits

Organizers of the Exponorte fair plan to generate business worth US$11 million and reach 30,000 visits

After two years of interruption as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Exponorte Dinámica 2022 returns in person, the most important multi-sector fair in the Integrated North. From tomorrow until Sunday, according to the president of Exponorte -she is the organizer of the event-, Arturo Ayala, More than 400 exhibitors from the agricultural, livestock, commercial and industrial sectors will show a range of offers, technology and products that have recently entered the market Bolivian.

The fair will take place in the Exponorte fairground, located on the road that connects Montero with Portachuelo. The fair is focused on showing the potential of the sectors that develop agricultural and industrial activities in the north of Santa Cruz and the region.

Thus, in the agricultural field, Ayala said that the commercial houses that provide inputs and machinery for this sector They will show new varieties of genetic material and an offer of implements and equipment to optimize and achieve efficiency in the productive fields.

In the livestock context, he indicated that there will be more than 400 bovines from different livestock herds in the region that will exhibit the best genetics of their animal stock in the judging and contests scheduled at the fair. He highlighted two international events, a symposium focused on tropical dairy and the other on the production and processing of ethanol. The latter, according to Ayala, has the support of the sugar agribusinesses that operate in municipalities in the Obispo Santisteban province.

In the industrial part, he said that the sugar mills will exhibit the products derived from the transformation of sugar cane. Likewise, he highlighted the presence of the automotive companies that will seduce potential customers with the latest generation vehicles..

“With Exponorte we bet on reactivating the economy of the Integrated North, given that, among the projections, is reaching 30,000 visits, generating US$11 million in direct sales and business intentions, and promoting 3,000 direct and indirect jobs”, noted Ayala.

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