OrdersYa responds to the claim of its delivery men that they will not back down

The motors died and the pedals stopped. This noon, instead of distributing lunch, delivery of Orders Already gathered in the Germany Square, in front of the building that has the brand’s characteristic “P” on its top_ where its offices are located_. The reason is a general strike called by the company’s employees through which they demand salary improvements and new working conditions.

According to what the delivery men reported to El Observador, The end of the health emergency and the increase in fuel prices was a bucket of cold water for the workers who perceive a greater enrichment of the company at the expense of their work while their employment situation worsens.

Carlos García, one of the spokespersons for the Delivery Orders movement and current employee of the application, assured that the kilometers traveled by bicycle and motorcycle decreased between 20% and 25%, respectively. “Their response to cost increases was to reduce the number of routes per order, which makes us travel less, but also obtain less income,” said Garcia, calling the measure absurd.

“In addition, they intend that the increase in costs be corrected by increasing the tips of the clients, a tip of $20 is automatically added and they are not informed, so they are harmed,” he said. In turn, he pointed out thatThe company charges them a fee for depositing the tips, so the amount “is not 100% for the delivery men”Garcia said.

The representative asserted that the last forceful measure was given 21 days ago and that the company’s response was to “lower rates,” that is, pay them less for each distribution.

According to their indicators, the price per kilometer traveled by bicycle was previously $15 and now $12. While in the case of motorcycles it went from $20 to $15.

The representative of the distributors told El Observador that the measures will continue until they receive a favorable response to their claims from the company. “After the tourism week, the measures will continue,” he said.

For his part, the former employee and also a member of the delivery union, Jhonny Paredes, assured that “The working conditions changed: they say that for each order withdrawn an amount will be paid and that is not fulfilled”he highlighted.

According to Paredes, an OrdenYa employee earns between $1,500 and $3,500 per 12-hour workday—the first case responds to neighborhoods like the Center where the distances are smaller and the second to Carrasco where the opposite happens—.

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In this context, from the company they assured El Observador that “the increases in operating costs of the almost 2,000 delivery people who use our application have been closely followed, especially the recent increases in fuel, and the issues of security, equipment and formalization, which have been always a priority for the company”.

In the same line, heThe firm indicated that it is working on improvements to the operation, which has achieved an increase in the volume of orders per delivery person, as well as the reduction of average distances per order. “With these improvements, it has been possible to neutralize the effect of the increase in costs and maintain the level of total real income that delivery people achieve on average.although this varies a lot in each case, since it is a flexible job in which each person organizes himself according to his needs and possibilities”.

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