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Prisoner who was discovered drugs, tried to kill a dragoon in the middle of the patio: “The dogs barked” and the companions ran

In the courtyard where the aggression against the dragoon occurred, the guards cannot carry weapons, and they ran to look for the riot police.

In the courtyard where the aggression against the dragoon occurred, the guards cannot carry weapons, so they ran to look for the riot police.

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On March 28 at 2 in the afternoon, in the Sogamoso prison in Boyacá, three inmates were taken from their cells to take them for conjugal visits, but everything ended in chaos with one of the inmates whom one of the anti-narcotics bitches, he discovered drugs, the annoying subject attacked a dragoonist.

Yilber, the prisoner could not receive the visit and his partner, they took her out of jail.

druggist Sogamoso jail
They took three prisoners out for the conjugal visit.

Meanwhile, the annoyed prisoner, and with whom no type of protocol was applied to put handcuffs on him, or take him to a cell alone, but was allowed to go to the door, talk to other inmates and even receive a knife.

At first glance, for the guards who accompanied him apparently, it was not seen that they passed him a weapon. But the situation was already tense, and no preventive protocol was applied.

Almost killed two guards

Two guards behind the subject, he already had the gun in his hand, goes up the stairs and stabs the first drug addict.

druggist Sogamoso prison
When he struck down the first dragonkin.

And he continues to look for the other one, who was in charge of the dog who discovered the drugs in his clothes. He catches up with her at the patio door and starts hurting her.

The official, as best she can, tries to defend herself from a subject stronger and taller than her; while the dogs bark and the other guards run to the doors of the other prisoners and look for the riot police.

The guardian, Yilber hit her six times. He did not attack the dogs, which were also exposed, there was no protocol to remove or protect them.

When it seems that everything is controlled, the injured drug user was left in a vulnerable place because there, the subject injured her again.

druggist Sogamoso jail
The prisoner was left alone and attacked the guard again.

In that site of the Sogamoso prison, “the guards can only carry a baton and shields.”

They managed to reduce prisoner Yilber, when he had already wounded three officials.

The dragoneante has 30 days of disability, while the intern was transferred to La Picota in Bogotá. He faces a trial for drug trafficking, and now is added attempted murder, possession of drugs in prison and possession of weapons.

*Photos: screenshots of Noticias Caracol video.

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