ONPE enables LINK to know the voting location and if you will be a member of the table in the regional second round

ONPE enables LINK to know the voting location and if you will be a member of the table in the regional second round

With a view to the Second Regional Election 2022, the National Office of Electoral Processes () enabled a module on its website so that the citizens of nine regions know their polling place and if polling station members were drawn in this instance.

The electoral body has been forced to reassign some polling places, used in the October 2 elections, since some schools have entered into remodeling and construction or their owners refuse to return to lending the educational institution.

These changes have occurred in localities located in the ODPE Callao, Chiclayo, Huarochirí, Huaura, Mariscal Nieto, Morropón, Pasco, Piura, Sullana, Cajamarca and Huaral.

The access link to find out the polling place and if polling station members were drawn in the regional second round is: . To do so, citizens will only need to place their ID.

In doing so, they will know their polling place, the address, a reference and the position that they will have to carry out on Sunday, December 4, in case to have been drawn as a table member. If this were the case, you can even print the respective credential.

board members

Likewise, for these elections, article 64 of Law No. 26859, Organic Law of Elections (LOE), establishes that the polling station members are the same as those who were elected in the first round, without the need for a new lottery.

The ONPE has issued Chief Resolution No. 004230-2022-JN/ONPE, in which the validity of the excuses for the position of polling station member and the justifications for non-attendance at the installation of the polling station that were granted were extended for the October 2 elections.

The electoral body established a period of 5 business days to present new requests for excuses from the position of polling station member, the same that will be counted from the day after the publication of the resolution of the proclamation of the results of the elections issued by the National Jury of Elections (JNE).

The ONPE also established that the deadline to present new justification requests for non-attendance at the polling station installation will be up to 5 calendar days prior to the date on which the Second Regional Election 2022 will take place.

The early installation and proper functioning of the board will depend on the board members. In addition, these citizens, on Sunday, December 4, are the highest electoral authority at each polling station.

In order to duly exercise their position, the polling station members will be trained by specialists from the decentralized offices of electoral processes and will be able to participate in the training session scheduled for Sunday, November 27.

The fine for not exercising the position of table member is S/ 230. Likewise, those who hold the position will receive an economic compensation of S/ 120.

The ONPE will organize and execute the second regional election in Amazonas, Cajamarca, Callao, Cusco, Lambayeque, Lima Provinces, Moquegua, Pasco and Piura, given that no candidate formula exceeded 30% of the valid votes required by the Regional Election Law (Law 27683) during the elections on October 2.


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