Eddy Olivares: “PLD y Fuerza del Pueblo luchan para determinar segundo lugar”

Eddy Olivares: “PLD and Fuerza del Pueblo fight to determine second place”

The vice president of Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Eddy Olivaresstated today that the organizations of the Dominican Liberation (PLD) and Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) fight to see which one will occupy the second position in the intention of the electorate.

“We must be clear, here there is a fight that is being waged that is between the Dominican Liberation Party and Fuerza del Pueblo to determine who is the main opposition party And which one will do the one that will be in second place”, said Olivares.

He also added that the first position with a view to the 2024 presidential elections is held by the government party with a wide advantage.

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The first place is defined, here without a doubt the Modern Revolutionary Party will win with a higher vote than the 2020 elections”, he referred.

Interviewed on the programmorning”, Eddy Olivares questioned the veracity of some polls that supposedly place former president Leonel Fernández over the president Luis Abinader.

“(…) A Dominican or a Dominican who believes that and is not going to find it anywhere, will go around the entire island looking for someone believe it and it will not appearand the People’s Force itself he won’t believe it either”, indicated Eddy Olivares.

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