Officialism wanted to erase investigator's records on union licenses, says Fenapes

Officialism wanted to erase investigator’s records on union licenses, says Fenapes

Photo: Fenapes
Photo: Fenapes

The Federation of Secondary Education Teachers (Fenapes) denounced that the Colorado deputy, Felipe Schipani, asked to delete the shorthand versions of the participation of the union representatives before the Investigative Commission that analyzes complaints of alleged illegal affiliate licenses.

This Monday the president of Fenapes, José Olivera; the general secretary, Alejandra Vespa; and the lawyer Marcelo Domínguez, but from the ruling bench they did not allow Vespa to enter, arguing that the call was “individual.”

“I have no problem with all the Fenapes leaders who want to appear at the Commission appear, but, as we said in the last session, appearing individually, as is the way we are working,” Schipani said at the beginning.

“In that sense, Olivera entered on behalf of Fenapes. For more than two hours, the leader presented the documents and arguments that reveal: The existence of a normative framework that justified the use of different articles of the regulation (among them 70.10) to justify absences due to union activities, the illegal nature of the Commission to investigate a person of private law and the falsehood in the deliberate use of the term ‘apocryphal certificates’ when referring to the records of the group –among other fallacies- used by the deputy Felipe Schipani, ”said the union in a statement.

After Olivera left the room, the ruling party, at the request of Schipani, wanted to eliminate the stenographic version of the appearance, “in an unprecedented attempt to censor the participation of Fenapes.”

One of those who had to ask questions of Fenapes was the deputy of the Open Council, Eduardo Lust, but he arrived late and asked for an intermission “to take a position.” It was voted affirmatively and there was a recess for this purpose. After resuming, the questions and clarifications that are available for consultation in the shorthand version that Fenapes decided to make public began in this link.

For Olivera, the ruling party starts from “prejudice” and seeks “political profit” by setting up “a circus with the smell of lawfare.”

“Yesterday the agreement that was asked of us in writing was delivered, it was founded that there are no certificates as said by Deputy Schipani, who until a very few days ago continued to talk about false, false or apocryphal certificates; yesterday the mood of the ruling party was made evident, where the deputy Roselló herself, to cite one case, from her social network Twitter treats us about thieves, criminals, of what we are guilty, ”the union leader asserted to M24.

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