1-1: Peñarol, champion of Uruguay

1-1: Peñarol, champion of Uruguay

The Peñarol Uruguayan champion was consecrated after defeating this Tuesday the Colonia Square on a spectacular penalty shoot-out that ended 7-8 after the match ended 1-1. In this way, the team led by Mauricio Larriera took advantage of the sporting advantage they had for having achieved the accumulated Annual Table and closed the series in the first round, without having to go to another two.

On the field of the Centenario stadium, the teams reissued the final of the Uruguayan Championship 2015-2016 and several old acquaintances saw each other. On the Peñarol side, goalkeeper Kevin Dawson and defender Carlos Rodríguez faced the club they had defended on that occasion that ended with the aurinegros victory. In the Plaza Colonia, Cristian ‘Cebolla’ Rodríguez began the game on the substitute bench against all of his loves, with which he won three local championships.

Encouraged by a crowd that filled the stadium and encouraged their team non-stop, Peñarol went on the attack from the beginning against a squad that stopped with three defenders and opted mostly for the counterattack. The climbs of the side Giovanni González, the distribution of Walter Gargano and the speed of Agustín Canobbio were the strongest points of the eleven led by Larriera.

On the opposite sidewalk, Nicolás Dibble complicated the rival defense with his speed and good dribbling. Also Gonzalo Camargo with his hit from set pieces, which generated the first goal of the night.

They ran the 30 minutes when, after a corner kick, Gary Kagelmacher stopped a shot with his hand inside the area, for which the referee sanctioned a penalty in favor of ‘patablanca’. Dawson flew to one side, Renzo López shot to the other and Plaza Colonia went 1-0 up.

Agustín Álvarez (Peñarol) tries to overcome the goal of Plaza Colonia Santiago Mele


Peñarol continued betting on his game and did not take long to equalize it. At 40 minutes, Agustín Álvarez Martínez enabled Facundo Torres, who overcame the resistance of Santiago Mele with a powerful shot with his left leg.

After 1-1, the aurinegro approached again with danger and the rival goalkeeper was directly responsible for not continuing long. On the day of his return, after several months injured, they blocked a header from Rodríguez with a spectacular response.

In the second half, Peñarol continued to dominate although it no longer complicated the rearguard of Eduardo Espinel’s players so much, who entered this phase after winning the Apertura Tournament.

With a header, López and Álvarez Martínez were able to give their teams the victory, but the balls did not enter and the game went straight to extra time.

There, the 30 minutes went without emotions and the game had to be defined in a penalty shoot-out where Peñarol was more effective. The annotations of Álvarez Martínez, Canobbio, Rubén Bentacourt, Agustín Álvarez Wallace, Ezequel Busquets, Edgar Elizalde, Giovanni González and the Argentine Nicolás Gaitán painted the night yellow and black.

In the absence of a few days for the holidays, Peñarol raised the cup and toasted a new title, that of Uruguayan champion 2021.


Peñarol-Plaza Colonia 1-1

1 – Plaza Colonia: Santiago Mele; Haibrany Ruiz Díaz, Guilherme Café (d.64, Ezequías Redín), Nicolás Olivera; Álvaro Fernández (m.90, Cristian Rodríguez), Emilio Zeballos, Yvo Calleros, Gonzalo Camargo (m.90, Leandro Suhr), Leonai Souza; Nicolás Dibble (m.96, Juan Cruz Mascia) and Renzo López (m.105, Elías Umeres).
Coach: Eduardo Espinel
1 – Peñarol: Kevin Dawson; Giovanni González, Gary Kagelmacher, Carlos Rodríguez (m.69, Ezequiel Busquets), Edgar Elizalde; Jesús Trindade (m.99, Damián Musto), Walter Gargano (m.81, Rubén Bentancourt); Agustín Canobbio, Pablo Ceppelini (d.105, Agustín Álvarez Wallace), Facundo Torres (d.105, Nicolás Gaitán) and Agustín Álvarez Martínez.
Coach: Mauricio Larriera
Goals: 1-0, Renzo López, from a penalty (m. 33); 1-1, Facundo Torres (m. 40)
Referee: Daniel Fedorczuk. He admonished Walter Gargano, Nicolás Dibble, Nicolás Olivera and Damián Musto.
Incidents: Semifinal of the Uruguayan Championship 2021, played at the Centenario stadium, in Montevideo.

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