Perremeístas NYC celebran Día de las Madres Dominicanas

NYC Perremeistas celebrate Dominican Mothers Day

NEW YORK.- Scores of women belonging to the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the Dominican community in this city attended a large meeting this Sunday on the occasion of “Dominican Mothers’ Day” in Upper Manhattan.

The activity, convened by the leader Alejandro Rodríguez (Tontón), favorite to occupy the presidency of the branch of that entity in the state of NY, was carried out with joy, enthusiasm and hope among those present at restaurant 809, located on Avenida Dickman.

Speaking on behalf of them, the senior leader of the party, Juanita Martínez, spoke and sent congratulations to all the Dominican mothers, and that they keep up the fight in the party.

He said that the act was not political, but a celebration, but why not take the opportunity to thank, not only the colleagues from NY, but also President Luis Abinader.

“This is a clear indication that comrade Rodríguez -Tontón- distinguishes us women and gives us the corresponding participation.” “This celebration has been joined by valuable colleagues who have given everything for the game,” he said.

She exhorted the women to continue the work to strengthen the organization, “and I am sure that with these men and women present here, with gray hair, it is because they have given everything for the entity.”

Likewise, María Abreu appreciated that the party has invited the community, “and the community feels hopeful that Rodríguez -Tontón- will continue this approach with the people regardless of political party, creed, race or religion, because he is a man of the people and to the village”.

The candidate for the presidency of the sectional, when giving thanks said that the sacrifice and dedication of the mothers is not compared to anything. “Mothers is not just the refrain that they are the axis of life, they are the ones that make it possible for us to be here.”

“That fact alone makes the mother a day for the whole year, mothers for us are for the whole year,” he concluded.

Among the women present, many of them accompanied by their husbands, were Juanita Martínez, Rafael Gómez, Johanna Miranda, Marcia de Williams, Ana Valdez, Raíza Marcial, Gregoria Santana, Lucía Jiménez, María de los Ángeles, Rosa Cabrera and Zobeida Cruz Días. , among others.

At the end there were gifts, different kinds of drinks, a buffet and a dance atmosphere.

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