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Nueva Asunción and Itacuá already know their first mayors

Nueva Asunción and Itacuá already know their new mayors, elected during the elections held this Sunday. In the first district the winner was Colorado “Juancho” Vera and in the second the liberal Alfonzo Bell.

This Sunday, municipal elections were held in the districts of Nueva Asunción, in the department of Presidente Hayes, and Itacuá, in Concepción, to elect their new municipal authorities.

It should be remembered that this is the first election that takes place in both municipalities, taking into account that they were recently created after having completed the constitutional process through the National Congress.

In Nueva Asunción, the ANR candidate Juan Miguel “Juancho” Vera Maciel was the winner after adding 1,443 votes, achieving almost 64%. His rival from UNACE Isabelino Bogado Ocampos obtained 702 votes, with 31%.

In total, 2,265 votes were accumulated, with a participation percentage of 74.88%, according to data released through the Electoral Justice Preliminary Electoral Results Transmission System (TREP).

For his part, in Itacuá, the PLRA candidate Alfonzo “Nducho” Bell achieved victory with 848 votes, reaching 56.46%. Colorado candidate Rodrigo José Barrios was able to accumulate 626 votes, with 41.68%.

In this district, 1,502 votes were counted, with a participation of 74.8%, according to the TSJE report.

In this way, Juan Miguel Vera and Alfonzo Bell became the first mayors of Nueva Asunción and Itacuá, respectively.

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