North Korea Tested New Nuclear Attack Underwater Drone

North Korea Tested New Nuclear Attack Underwater Drone

During the maneuvers, which took place from Tuesday to Thursday, the North Korean military deployed and tested this new weapon system, whose objective is to “cause a large-scale radioactive tsunami” with an underwater explosion, according to the KCNA news agency.

“This nuclear submarine attack drone can be deployed on any coast and port or be towed by a surface ship for operation,” the same source added.

The “secret weapon” was placed underwater off Hamgyon province South on Tuesday. A test warhead was detonated on Thursday, the agency said.

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North Korea launched several cruise missiles on Wednesday, according to the South Korean military, which is currently conducting long-range joint exercises with the United States.

North Korea considers these maneuvers as a threat and a possibility of an invasion of its territory. PYongyang warned on several occasions that he would respond to the exercises in a “massive” manner.

The new launches come about a week after North Korea confirmed it had launched a Hwasong-17 missile into the Sea of ​​Japan. It was the second test of its intercontinental ballistic (ICBM) in 2023.

The entrance North Korea Tested New Nuclear Attack Underwater Drone was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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