What is the country's main problem for Uruguayans?

What is the country’s main problem for Uruguayans?

The consultant Figure presented this Thursday on Telemundo a new survey that answers what is the main problem that the country has, according to the perception of Uruguayans.

Most of those consulted (40%) responded that issues related to the economy are the biggest problem in the country, particularly in relation to the lack of employment and the increase in prices.

23% consider that it is insecuritythe 12% drought, 6% education, and 15% due to problems related to politics and society, such as politicians, the government, values, among others.

“Years ago, insecurity stole first place. In 2019, 53% said that the country’s main problem was insecurity, from 53% to 23%. Thirty points down,” explained the director of Cifra, Mariana Pomies, on Telemundo.

In 2019, 53% considered that the biggest problem was insecurity and 28% the economy. These percentages were inverted, taking into account that in 2023 if the economy and the drought are added, more than 50% feel that an economic problem is the main one in the country.

On the other hand, among those who voted for the broad front in 2019, 50% consider that the economy is the main problem, 20% insecurity and 7% drought.

Among coalition voters, the drought is more relevant as the 19% believe it as the main problem. He 27% consider that it is the economy while 26% believe it is insecurity.

In turn, in 2019 and 2020, only 9% considered those linked to politicians to be the main problem. This grew in 2021 at 14% and stays around those values, with 16% in 2022 and fifteen% in February 2023.

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