Begins disbursement of $10 million to pay rice producers

The process of disbursement of B/.10 million, for the payment of compensation to rice producers, was initiated by the National Bank of Panama (BNP), as announced by the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama.

This disbursement is part of the commitment that was recently made with rice producers at the Higher Technical Institute of Agro Technology of the Americas (ITSAA-INA), province of Veraguas.

With these payments, the production of this grain is guaranteed, one of the most consumed by Panamanians, and food security in the country is strengthened, Valderrama highlighted, in a meeting with his work team, to monitor the progress of payments to the rice farmers of the country.

Oriana Tack, director of Incentives and Trusts of MIDA, explained that the BNP has already made payments for 5 million balboas and that the rest is in the process of due disbursement.

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