No category of servers has a guaranteed readjustment, says president

No category of servers has a guaranteed readjustment, says president

President Jair Bolsonaro said today (8) that there is no decision taken on the readjustment of public servants. He highlighted that there is no guaranteed readjustment for any category.No category of servers has a guaranteed readjustment, says president

“First, the readjustment is not guaranteed for anyone. It has a reserve of R$ 2 billion, which you can use. Could be used for PF [Polícia Federal], PRF [Polícia Rodoviária Federal] and also the people in the prison system, but nothing is guaranteed,” he told reporters after attending a luncheon on the birthday of the Union’s attorney general, Bruno Bianco. The celebration took place in a house in Lago Sul, an upscale neighborhood in Brasília.

At the end of last year, the National Congress approved the 2022 Budget with a reserve of BRL 1.7 billion for readjustment of federal security forces and around BRL 800 million for community health agents and agents to combat endemic diseases. However, the increase reserved only for servers in the public security area displeased other categories of the federal executive, who threaten to trigger a national strike in the public service.

Bolsonaro recalled that the servers have not been readjusted for three years and that he recognizes that they “have lost a lot of purchasing power”. However, according to him, finding fiscal space for salary increases is very difficult.

“There is no space in the budget at the moment. You can see how difficult it was to negotiate the question of precatório to be able to give emergency aid of R$ 400 to those who earned, on average, R$ 190”, he said.

ministerial reform

In conversation with journalists, Bolsonaro also confirmed a major ministerial reform for the end of March, when 12 ministers are expected to leave their posts to run for office in this year’s elections. The electoral law requires members of the executive branch to leave their positions at least six months before the election. If this is confirmed, almost half of the top echelon of the federal government, currently with 23 ministers, will be replaced at once.

“We’ve already started thinking about names for us to replace,” said the president, without citing possible replacements. The ministers who should leave office to run in the elections are: Anderson Torres (Justice and Public Security), Tereza Cristina (Agriculture), Tarcísio de Freitas (Infrastructure), João Roma (Citizenship), Fábio Faria (Communications), Marcelo Queiroga ( Health), Marcos Pontes (Science and Technology), Gilson Machado (Tourism), Rogério Marinho (Regional Development), Onyx Lorenzoni (Work and Social Security), Flávia Arruda (Government Secretariat) and Damares Alves (Women, Family and Human Rights) .

Capitol Tragedy

At the beginning of the interview, Bolsonaro was asked about the collapse of a rock from the capitol canyon, in Minias Gerais, which left at least five dead and several people injured.

The president had not yet seen the footage of the accident and one of his advisers showed the video. Bolsonaro then called the incident a tragedy and said he would mobilize the Navy to assist in the case. In a statement, the Brazilian Navy said it had opened an investigation into the accident.

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