Nicas in the US will commemorate four years of “the mother of all marches”

Nicas in the US will commemorate four years of “the mother of all marches”

Different organizations in the United States will hold a march on May 29, at two in the afternoon, in Miami, demanding justice for all the victims of the repression unleashed by the Daniel Ortega regime in 2018.

Nicas Autoconvocados in Miami, Initiative for Change, the Peasant Movement, are some of the organizations that are calling for the march in the North American country.

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Aída Carrión, a member of the organization told Article 66 that it is previously known that the concentration will be at the Nicaraguan Consulate, however, details about the route of the march are being finalized.

Four years after the “massacre” in the march carried out by opponents on May 30, 2018, where young people who demanded justice died, Carrión affirmed that this date is remembered both inside and outside Nicaragua due to the impunity with which all the crimes against humanity committed by the Nicaraguan government.

«Personally, I saw on the internet what was happening in Nicaragua that day and as a Nicaraguan citizen who is also fighting against the State of Nicaragua for the femicide of my sister —Dina Alexandra Carrión, murdered on April 3, 2010—, I express my strong solidarity with the mothers who were victims of this massacre (of 2018).

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“We who already have the case before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights know the emotional and economic wear and tear that -the State- subjects to the victim of justice in Nicaragua (…) No one more than a father or a mother who has lost a child for murder knows the impotence for death that justice cannot be done, “said Carrión.

He added that all Nicaraguans in exile, including victims of repression, will join this march. “Four years after the massacre of May 30, one reopens wounds due to everything that is happening in Nicaragua,” he said.

March of the Mothers, on May 30, 2018, in Managua. Photo: Courtesy / Article 66

As for whether there is hope that there will be justice in Nicaragua, Aída Carrió expressed that “hope is the only thing that is lost in this visa; Only when we die do we stop fighting, but we continue with firmness and faith in God that he will not abandon his children. God does not leave the just without an answer », she affirmed.

“The Mother’s Day massacre” was a massacre that occurred in Estelí, Chinandega, Managua and Masaya, on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. To date, all deaths remain unpunished, rather the government has criminalized all demand for justice.

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