More than 14 thousand signatures have been collected to revoke the mandate of Mayor José Luis Fábrega

Until 4:00 pm on Monday, a total of 14,542 signatures had been validated in the process of collecting signatures to revoke the mandate of the mayor of the capital district, José Luis Fábrega.

According to the bulletin of the Electoral Tribunal, of the total signatures, 12,888 correspond to people who went to the User Service Center, while another 932 to the kiosks.

This total sum represents 7.31% of the total of 198,920 signatures of support that must be reached, which correspond to 30% of the electoral roll for the position of mayor of the district of Panama, during the 2019 elections.

This collection of signatures began last Wednesday, April 20. The tools available to the TE for the process of collecting signatures are the regional offices of the district of Panama, platform Tribunal Contigo www.tribunalcontigo.comthe 40 multiservice kiosks located in different parts of the country or through mobile devices that have the application with facial biometric validation.

If 198,920 signatures are achieved and once they are validated, the TE will have to announce and organize the referendum in a period not exceeding three months.

Fábrega was elected in 2019 as the standard-bearer of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), along with his running mate Judy Meana (from Molirena), with a total of 173,289 votes.

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