Economy off

Economy off

The long-awaited economic reactivation of a country that is not going to grow this year – which was the argument used by Abdo to illegally change the holiday from the first to May 2 – has not been fulfilled.

The shops, in most cases, were closed; those from CDE have said that they lost the day and that this means enormous resources in an economy that was stopped for a long time due to the pandemic, and that each day that passes without invoicing is one more day that they are accumulating the losses that they already have more than two years.

The President should surround himself with people who are much smarter than him, who would tell him what he would have to do, and do not even think of changing the holiday from May 15 to Monday the 16, to increase the sense of popularity with the sector that does not want work, especially the public, and definitely affecting the Paraguayan economy as a whole.

There are many people who need, who require, who yearn for work; and we must not shy away from it, because it is the only way to dignity that the human race has known for a long time to reach levels of development.

The arguments put forward for the economic revival on the May 2 holiday illegally passed since the first, have proven to be a real failure.

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