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Nicaragua’s external debt is 14,451 million dollars, 103% of GDP

deuda externa Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan external debt closed at 14,451.9 million dollars in the third quarter of 2022, which is equivalent to 103.1% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (14,013.7 million dollars in 2021), reported this Friday the Central Bank of Nicaragua.

The monetary authority indicated in a report that of the total indebtedness at the end of September, 7,879.5 million dollars correspond to the public sector (56.2% of GDP), and 6,572.8 million dollars to the private sector (46.9 % of GDP).

The total external debt of Nicaragua increased by 7.7 million dollars with respect to the second quarter of 2022, and 68.4 million dollars with respect to the balance of December 2021, according to the information.

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Total disbursements in the third quarter totaled 720.3 million dollars, of which 83% came from private creditors and 17% from official creditors, the issuer explained.

Of the total disbursements, 608.9 million dollars went to the private sector and 111.4 million to the public sector, he explained.

The main economic activities that had external disbursements as destination were financial intermediation (25.9%), electricity, gas and water (16.4%), manufacturing industry (15.6%), commerce (15.5%), construction (7.5%), agricultural sector (7.4%), mining (6.4%), social services, health and education (4.4%), among others, specified the Nicaraguan monetary authority.

Meanwhile, the total external debt service was 717.8 million dollars, of which 660.4 million dollars were principal payments and 57.3 million dollars in interest and commissions.

Of the total service paid, 86.6% corresponded to the private sector, and the rest to the public sector (13.4%), according to the report. EFE

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