Biosecurity and cleaning kits against Covid-19 are delivered at the Albrook terminal

This Friday, December 30, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) through the Directorate of Health Promotion, delivered a thousand Kits with alcohol gel, masks and flyers on the biosecurity measures that are in place at the Albrook Grand Terminal. They must keep people who travel to the interior of the country during these year-end parties, informed Gabriela Salazar, head of the National Directorate of Promotion of the Minsa.

Salazar indicated that the Ministry of Health reiterates to travelers and the general population that they must maintain biosafety measures during these year-end holidays, using masks in closed or crowded places.

“The Ministry of Health reiterates that the use of the mask remains mandatory in public passenger transport and at these end of the year parties many people are going to have a very long trip, so it is recommended that they change the mask and use alcohol gel,” Salazar said.

In addition, the official pointed out that a vaccination center is located in the Albrook Grand Terminal, where travelers can get their vaccines before traveling to the interior of the country.

The Minsa makes recommendations to avoid accidents at year-end parties such as:

• Avoid buying pyrotechnic devices
• Prohibit your child from using gunpowder games with sharp objects that can scratch and cause skin injuries.

If an accident happens. What can you do?
• Make sure that your home has plenty of water, in case an accident occurs that could cause burns.
• seek medical attention immediately.
• Pour copious amounts of cold water on the injured area.
• In case of burns in the eyes, do not rub or rinse with water, It can cause more damage.
• Don’t put pressure on your eyes.

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