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Theft and family violence, among the most reported events of 2022

At the Maternal and Child Hospital in the San Pablo neighborhood of the capital, they reported the theft of a baby, who was born days ago.

The director of the Hospital, Dr. Vicente Acuña, confirmed the disappearance of the creature.

“She was born two days ago. There are people who saw a mature woman, who was with her mother, apparently she gained her trust and carried the baby. The police are already conducting the investigation. we don’t have a security guard“, Acuña pointed out to the press.

“There are cameras in the hospital, but some are not working. The Police are already in the hospital, ”she said.

He indicated that the mother has two other children and is a resident of the city of Capiatá. Hospital officials pointed out that the lack of a security guard is due to the low budget allocated to the institution.

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The police confirmed that the way in which they took the baby has practically the same pattern as in two other previous cases (one in the same hospital and the other two in other hospitals). The mother who goes in alone and gives birth, then unidentified people take the baby away.


“The version they gave us is that the (unknown) woman was with my sister, when a nurse arrived and heard that the woman told my sister to go in to bathe, to take advantage now that she was not alone. Then when she came out (from the bathroom) she no longer found them, ”he said
María Lucía Zelay, the sister of the woman who reported the theft of her baby.

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