Nicaraguan from Siuna drowns in the Rio Grande

Nicaraguan from Siuna drowns in the Rio Grande

The Texas Nicaraguan Community organization reported on Tuesday the discovery of a Nicaraguan identified as Marvin Antonio Blandón Obregón, originally from the municipality of Siuna, in the North Caribbean region of Nicaragua, floating in the waters of the Rio Grande in the Eagle Pass sector, in Texas. Joined.

Through social networks, the agency detailed that the body of the Nicaraguan was lifted on September 3 by the United States Border Patrol.

“We call on his family so that he can claim the body as soon as possible,” the Texas Nicaraguan Community wrote on social media. The publication was accompanied by the compatriot’s ID number: 610 311094 0000F.

The humanitarian organization warned that due to the heavy rains recorded this season, added to the constant opening of the dam, the currents in the Rio Grande are stronger and the flow is abundant, which puts at risk the migrants who daily they risk crossing it in order to reach the United States. “Do not risk your lives, please,” the agency requested.

Deaths in the Rio Grande

According to the latest update from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), until this weekend at least nine immigrants drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande that separates Mexico from the United States.

The drownings took place after a large group of people tried to cross the river, which is used by thousands of migrants each year to reach the United States and which is known for its dangerous currents, worse these days after heavy rains.

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US border agents recovered six of the nine bodies and Mexicans found three, one more than the first figures released on Friday. No information has been provided on the nationality of the migrants or their age.

US authorities also rescued 37 migrants who were in the river. Those 37 and others were arrested for trying to reach the United States irregularly, while another 39 people who were part of the group were arrested on the Mexican side of the border.

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