Tatiana Clouthier trusts benefits of the electrical reform

Mexico is in the energy transition, says Tatiana Clouthier

Despite the work being done in Mexico, Tatiana Clouthier pointed out that the speed of the energy transition in Mexico cannot be the same as that of the United States: “We produce a certain amount of CO2 and the speed at which we can be walking cannot be the same that they are requesting from us”.

Regarding the consultations on energy matters requested by the United States and Canada, Clouthier said that it is expected to find “the greatest point of solutions (…) the consultations have an important issue, they are private and they remain private.”

A few weeks ago, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he will speak about the energy consultations on September 16.

During his participation in the event of the American Society of Mexico, Clouthier reiterated that the decision of the panel of specialists regarding the interpretation of the rules of origin is expected to be known by the end of November.

Once the arbitration group resolves, “the decisions that will have to be made based on the rules that are written will be made,” he said.

Tatiana Clouthier also spoke about the border crossing in Texas, which was interrupted by an order from Governor Greg Abbott, who argued for security reasons.

In that sense, he said, the infrastructure along the border must be diversified so as not to have “all the eggs in one basket.”

He explained that the Mexican government is working, together with its US counterpart, to strengthen various border crossings. He added that “significant investments are being made in border crossings such as Otay 1 and Otay 2 in Baja California, as well as in various crossings in Sonora and Chihuahua” and we are going for one more with New Mexico “.

After your participation in the panel Nearshoring: unique opportunity for MexicoFrancisco Cervantes, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), announced that from Wednesday to Friday of this week a forum will be held in Veracruz where energy issues will be discussed.

He announced that representatives of the business sector will be present, who have a special interest in hydrocarbons on Thursday and natural gas on Friday.

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