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New temperature records were recorded this weekend

The Meteorology Directorate reported new maximum temperature records during the last weekend, when the thermometer exceeded 40 ° C in various parts of the national territory.

The January 1 marked the beginning of a new year and with it also of a new season of high temperatures in our country, coinciding with the summer that has been making itself felt for a few weeks.

According to him report disclosed by the Directorate of Meteorology and Hydrologyin yesterday’s session maximum temperature records were broken in three locations: Asuncion, Paraguari and Pilar.

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In the case of the capital citythe previous record registered on January 1 was 39.2 ° C, being yesterday the maximum temperature of 40.0° C. For his part, in Paraguarí it reached 39.8 ° C (previous was 39.4°C) and in Pillar at 40.5° C (the previous record was 40.0°C).

Equally, the day before (December 31) temperature records were also broken in 5 points of our country, in this case, Pozo Colorado, Concepción, San Estanislao, the Guaraní Airport and again Asunción.

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Temperature records for the last day of 2022 show the following numbers: Pozo Colorado (42.6°C), Concepción (40.2°C), San Estanislao (38°C), Guaraní Airport (38.8°C) and Asunción (38.6°C).

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