Lanzan nuevo fondo de inversión abierto

New open investment fund launched

With a minimum amount of RD$50,000, any individual or legal entity can invest in the first Gam Capital Liquidity Open Investment Funda company that from now on is called Altio.

The CEO of Altio, Raul Hoyoexplained that this will be a flexible fund where investors only have a minimum stay of two business days and will invest in publicly offered fixed-income and variable-income securities.

He said that this fund opens the possibility for the small and medium investor to participate in the stock market and that they can have better returns or profits from their resources.

He indicated that to invest it is not necessary to have previous knowledge and those who access it will have direct access to a team of investment experts and those who manage and are the key to the excellent results of the Altio Fixed Income Closed-End Funds, which occupy the first two places in their category since their inception with an annualized return of 12.40% and 19.18%. Altio has more than US$500 million in assets under management, representing a 20% share of the investment fund market.

He added that Altio means “raise, elevate, build” and with the new issue they seek that investors increase their assets and also support the growth of the real economy of the Dominican Republic.

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