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New migrant caravan led by Venezuelans dispersed in Chiapas

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New migrant caravan led by Venezuelans dispersed in Chiapas

A caravan of more than 3,000 migrants, in its Venezuelan majoritywas dispersed this Saturday in southern Mexico after immigration authorities began to give them safe-conducts that allow them to travel through the country for a month without being detained.

The group, the eighth so far in 2022, had left on Friday from the Tapachula border, near the border with Guatemala, in the direction of central Mexico, demanding that the country’s authorities facilitate their path to the border with the United States.

“Most of the people dispersed, they are opening up, because they wanted their permission and to move on,” Jonathan Ávila, one of the seven Venezuelans who organized the mobilization, told AFP.

According to the South American, the Migration’s national institute (INM) had delivered about 1,500 permits so far, but there was uncertainty among those who still did not have the document.

Ávila, a first sergeant deserter from the National Guard Venezuelan woman who left her country five years ago to go to Colombia, insists that the Mexican government set up “a humanitarian corridor to be able to move forward.”

Now he is traveling to the United States with his wife, Janeidi Borges, two girls, ages one and two, and a three-month-old baby with a disability.

“There are many people who cannot pay a coyote (human trafficker), they cannot feed their family, as in my case. There are pregnant women who are sleeping in the park, people with disabilities,” he said.

In addition to Venezuelans, Cubans, Nicaraguans, Costa Ricans, Haitians and Hondurans also marched in the caravan, he added.

After dispersing, many of them remain near the Cerro Gordo fiscal and migratory customs office, 8 km from the municipality of Huixtla, one of the points where the INM deliver safe-conducts.

Their goal is to reach Monterrey, Nuevo León, organize another mobilization from there with other groups that had previously arrived, and then leave for Piedras Negras, on the border with the United States.

According to the agency UN For refugees, more than six million Venezuelans have left their country, mired in a deep economic and political crisis.

The migrant caravans that crossed Mexico in 2018 and 2019 caused strong tensions with the United States, then governed by Republican Donald Trump.

But Mexico It has reinforced its controls on the southern border and in 2021, 307,679 migrants were detained.


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