New clashes between afros and indigenous people over land in northern Cauca

New clashes between afros and indigenous people over land in northern Cauca

In the Alto del Palo sector in the municipality of Caloto in the north of the department of Cauca, once again there were confrontations between Afro-descendant and indigenous communities which, in recent months, have maintained a dispute over the land where several haciendas are located and farms for the cultivation of cane.

At that point the black communities maintain constant blockades on the road that leads to the municipality of Corinto to prevent land invasions.

in the last hours a group of indigenous people came to the place to lift the blockades and at that moment the clashes took place in which, according to the authorities of the area, several people were injured by the exchange of blows, stones and it was even reported that some incendiary elements were being thrown handcrafted.

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Orfelia Lazo, legal representative of the Community Council of Quebrada Quita Calzónsaid that while some indigenous community members spoke with spokespersons for the black communities that advance the blockades to try to reach an agreement, another A group of community members began to remove the tents where the Afro population remains, they burned mats and physically assaulted several of them, which led to confrontations.

The leader assured that the blockade to the roads is done as a form of protest against the invasions that are being generated to properties that have historically belonged to the population Black woman from northern Cauca.

It must be remembered that the same Interior Minister Alfonso Prada, was two weeks ago in the municipality of Caldono, in the limits of where the confrontations are presented today, setting up a dialogue table with spokespersons from all the sectors involved in the land issue to start looking for a solution.

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Despite the installation of the table, the confrontations have not stopped and on the contrary they begin to sharpen with time. It is expected that a new meeting will take place soon between those who make up the dialogue table to advance and try to reach consensus.

Both indigenous and Afro-descendant communities are demanding the delivery of land and compliance with agreements that have been signed by the different governments.

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