New CEUB prepares conclusions of the Congress of Universities and students did not elect director

New CEUB prepares conclusions of the Congress of Universities and students did not elect director

Some 80 conclusions were reached by the working groups that met at the XIII Congress of Universities, the same ones that will be published by the newly elected Executive Committee of the Bolivian University (CEUB).

While the students could not agree to choose their new executive of the Bolivian University Confederation (CUB) who was to replace the 50-year-old student leader, Max Mendoza, today imprisoned in the San Pedro prison. The students decided that Walter Nakashima should remain interim for 90 days until a new executive is elected.

The portal, El Federal, advanced some of the conclusions reached by the designated tables. About interim teachers They urged the houses of higher education to have at least 20% of full professors through merit contests and competence exams.

They also recommended the allocation of at least five national minimum wages for full-time professors, regardless of seniority. They also defined that teachers will give 50% of classes in the classroom and the other 50% virtual classes.

Regarding the visiting and interim teachersordered the universities to prepare special regulations for contracting under the special regime that must contemplate the type of contract.

The organizers anticipated that the XIII Congress will end this Friday, however, the election of the new executives concluded the event and the reading of the conclusions was postponed for a week.

Several teachers and university students denounced the “illegality” of Congress, the former because the rules for appointing authorities, the secret ballot, were not respected; while the latter said that there was no equal representation of teachers and students.

The new board of the CEUB is made up of: Freddy Mendoza Espinoza as Executive Secretary; Israel Hugo Centellas as National Secretary for Institutional Development; Fernando Urey Contreras, Alberto Flores, Alcides Ramos Urizar, Antonio Alvarado, José Luis Segovia, Waldo Caballero and Lidia Suárez.

The new executive secretary, Freddy Mendoza, announced that there will be an audit of the outgoing management and said he felt “concerned” about how the university system was seen in recent weeks, after learning of the case of Max Mendoza in charge of the CEUB.

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