"Nenecho" still does not provide documents

“Nenecho” still does not provide documents

Óscar “Nenecho” Rodríguez, assumed the administration of Asunción on November 9. He has been in this second period for 80 days and only three weeks distance him from the first 100 days of his management. However, in this short time he has been seen again in the midst of criticism.

Johanna Ortega, former candidate for mayor of Asunción, made a series of complaints against Rodríguez for the lack of transparency in the execution of emergency funds. She also requested, at the beginning of the year, copies of the contracts of the personnel hired during the pandemic without any success.

He pointed out that he sees an absence of Rodríguez at the head of the commune, since Federico Mora, chief of staff, is the one who makes all the statements.
“His management in these 100 days is marked by the unfortunate case that occurred on the Costanera. In addition to the acts of corruption that are emerging and he remains absent, “he criticized.

He finally said that the current management of “Nenecho” will be marked by corruption, lack of management, ineffectiveness and lack of responses for citizens.


On November 24 of last year, Judge Marcela Fernández of the “Nenecho Papers” case summoned the parties to resolve the failure of the community chief to deliver public information. This is G. 21 billion that the mayor received in the framework of the health emergency in 2020.

For contempt of a court order, the judge punished César Ojeda, interim mayor who replaced Rodríguez from July to November, with a 50-day fine.


A day later, on November 25, the commune made headlines again for bidding for communication services for G. 168 million. They were going to be used for awareness campaigns. The criticisms were due to the fact that the municipality already has a General Directorate of Communication that can take care of it.

From the commune, they alleged that the service includes the poster and printing service, which the aforementioned address cannot carry out.


Through a statement, on December 29, the National Directorate of Public Procurement (DNCP), announced the closure of the “Nenecho Papers” case. This is because they did not “find enough merits.” This generated a wave of criticism in public opinion that forced Pablo Seitz, head of the entity, to clarify that they only do not have the power to investigate, but that in no way do they endorse the purchases made by the commune.


The most important criticism occurred on January 15, when Helen Recalde, an 18-year-old girl, was electrocuted on the Asunción waterfront. The death occurred immediately after Recalde leaned on one of the columns of the place that was electrified.

Edgar Recalde, the victim’s uncle, stated that last Wednesday they completed the nine-day wake, and that from now on they will focus on the legal actions they can take against the municipality.

“Only the chief of staff, Federico Mora, approached us last week. He made himself available, but it was all just talk. They promised to get to the bottom of it, but they threw the ball to Public Works,” he mentioned.

Johanna Ortega.

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