Neme highlighted the presence of the national State in Expoagro

Neme highlighted the presence of the national State in Expoagro

Neme described the country as “a world brand in food production.”

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Jorge Neme, highlighted this Thursday the power of the agricultural sector and valued “the enormous attitude” of the producers when touring the Expoagro fair, while highlighting the presence of the National State in the sample.

After qualifying the country as “a world brand in food production,” Neme assured that “Expoagro is an expression of the power of the entrepreneurial capacity of producers and agricultural companies in Argentina.”

For the official, “Argentina has enormous power in the agri-food sector, an enormous capacity to undertake, to innovate, to incorporate technology, to create jobs and to project itself globally.”

Neme this agricultural sector has above all things an enormous attitude for the production
Neme: “This agricultural sector has, above all things, an enormous attitude towards production”

“Argentina has all the attributes of a competitive sector that assures the country a promising future as a world supplier of high-quality proteins,” said the deputy chief of staff.

And I add: “In this fair you can see the power of the national industry in terms of agricultural machinery and also all issues related to innovation, which are very important as a contribution to permanently increasing competitiveness”.

In addition, he pointed out: “What we have to realize is that this agricultural sector has, above all things, an enormous attitude towards production.”

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“For this reason, the levels of productivity and competitiveness that make Argentina a world brand in what has to do with food production have been achieved,” he added.

The official visited the stand of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Nation and remarked: “It is very good that the national State has a strong and diverse presence, where all the institutions that have to do with services and policies are shown. public for the agricultural sector.

And he valued finding that in that stand there were several meetings and tables of producers “discussing aspects of public agricultural policy”.

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Then, the deputy chief of staff met with businessmen exporting agricultural machinery and stressed that they are “full of initiatives and anxious to be able to go out to the markets.”

“After the pandemic and having resolved the issue of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, which gives the Argentine economy much more predictability, they will be able to play a much more active role in the export of agricultural machinery”he claimed.

During the tour, he was accompanied by EXPOAGRO advisor, Rafael Magnanini; the Secretary of Institutional Relations of Tucumán, Mariano Fernández; the chief of the Quilmes community, Francisco Chale; the referent and delegate of the Sacred City of Quilmes, David Vargas; and the adviser and former chief of Amaicha del Valle, Tucumán, Eduardo Nieva.

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