Nelson and Marianela, the inseparable couple until the end

Nelson and Marianela, the inseparable couple until the end

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On Saturday afternoon, husband and wife Nelson Cuentas and Marianela Salvatierra organized a small reception for their friends at their home, located in the Los Jardines del Sur urbanization. Everything ended around 10:30 p.m., but Nelson and Marianela took a moment longer to talk, but they did not realize that gas was still coming out of the stove. They were found three hours later dead.

“They were in a meeting with friends until 10:30 p.m. At the party, Marianela told her husband that it was cold and asked her to light a stove, one of those long ones like the ones in restaurants. It seems that it did not go out well or something did not work because it continued to emit gas, “said one of the couple’s friends who preferred to keep her name in reserve.

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The friend said that “normally” these stoves have an automatic shutdown, but apparently that night it did not work. “When they left, they both stayed chatting in the basement of their home. They breathed in the gas and didn’t wake up anymore. The daughter-in-law found them, they called neighbors and they couldn’t do anything,” he stated.

They remember them as a dedicated and supportive “close-knit” couple. “They were always together. He had a company related to computer issues; she always supportive, ”he added.

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