Nazi costumes: the diplomatic mess generated by a Police event

Nazi costumes: the diplomatic mess generated by a Police event

Students from a school in the Police disguised themselves as Nazis with the aim of paying tribute to Germany during a cultural event in the municipality of Tuluá, in Valle del Cauca. However, what they achieved was to raise a diplomatic controversy that the Government should have dissipated with a public condemnation.

Any apology to Nazism is unacceptable and I condemn any manifestation that makes use or reference to symbols alluding to those who were responsible for the Jewish holocaust that took the lives of more than 6 million people“said President Iván Duque on Twitter this Friday.

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From the police social networks, images of an event held on Thursday at the Simón Bolívar school were released, where the students They used Nazi iconography.

In the photographs, which have already been deleted from the official accounts of the Public Force, they could be seen in uniforms with the swastika on the arm, a policeman disguised as Adolf Hitler, the model of a military plane of the time, German flags and black, red and yellow balloons everywhere.

Embassies of Israel and Germany expressed in a statement their “total rejection“and called for sanctions for those responsible.

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Events like this are outrageous and directly offend not only Jews, but also all victims of the Nazi regime and its criminals.“They stated in a joint brief.

The Police removed from his position, although not from the institution, the director of the Simón Bolívar school and apologized for what he called “an educational activity on world history“.

There was no tribute to Nazism, what the director of the school did, in an absolutely wrong way, was to carry out an academic activity to illustrate in the most absurd and erroneous way the historical moment that was lived at that time“General Yackeline Navarro, national director of police schools, told the station ‘Blu Radio’.

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The photographs of the event on Nazism were accompanied by the numeral #Policial Transformation.

Internationally questioned for abuse and its violent repression of recent demonstrations, the Police are in a campaign of “transformation” for improve your image which included changing the uniform, from green to blue, and more training in human rights.

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