National Union of Consumers advises the population to be aware when buying at these end-of-year parties

Mr. Pedro Acosta, president of the National Union of Consumers of the Republic of Panama (Uncurepa), in an interview with Radio Panama, considers that at this time of year when there is an extra income due to the end of the year holidays, many people go to make purchases and must be careful when purchasing a product or service, that they have the guarantees and the corresponding prices.

We are well oriented, well educated economically, we will make good use of our economic resources on a personal level, but if we go to the offer that has more marketing communication power, we fall into the same thing, that if there is no pigeon pea, it is not Christmas, if there is no salad it is not Christmas, ham, turkey, that makes many people buy at whatever price they are because they have marketed to us that without these products there is no Christmas,” said Acosta.

The national government recently made the payment for the thirteenth month to public employees, disbursing a total of 58 million, 586 thousand 862 balboas that are already circulating in the country for these end-of-year holidays.

For Acosta, you have to be very aware of the guarantees of the products that you are going to buy “we are on dates where many are speculating about prices, not only with food, but also in the sale of products and gifts they must have the same guarantee, discounted products must have the same guarantees as a non-reduced product, the guarantees must be the same, maintenance and repair services have a guarantee, all these things must be known to the consumer, you are going to buy a product, you have the right to know everything Regarding that product, explain to them if it is new or from rebuilt parts for their knowledge before buying it” concluded Acosta.

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