They rescue 186 Nicaraguans who were kidnapped in Durango, Mexico

They rescue 186 Nicaraguans who were kidnapped in Durango, Mexico

The Migration’s national institute de México reported that on December 5, 253 migrants who “were kidnapped at a home in the municipality of Ciudad Lerdo” in the Mexican state of Durango were rescued.

Of the total number of foreigners rescued, 186 are Nicaraguan, 23 Ecuadorians, 15 Cubans, 11 from Venezuela, 18 Guatemalans, four Mexicans and two Colombians.

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Two Peruvian migrants, one Haitian and one from the Dominican Republic were also rescued. In its communication, the INM did not detail the conditions in which the migrants find themselves.

The government organization added that of the rescued migrants “15 foreigners accredited their legal stay in the country.”

So far, the National Migration Institute has not detailed whether the found migrants will be released to continue their journey or if they will be deported.

The danger of migrating to the US

The migratory wave, especially of Nicaraguans, has increased in 2022, either for reasons of political persecution by the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo or due to the economic crisis that the country is going through.

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Many of the citizens who have decided to leave their country have faced hostile situations such as extortion, kidnapping by criminal cartels in Mexico, or have drowned in the Rio Grande.

Recently, it became known about the kidnapping of the brothers Heysell Linet Y Julmer Martinez Hernandez, originally from the community of Santa Rosa, municipality of Jalapa, in Nueva Segovia, who were kidnapped by a cartel from Ciudad Juárez when they tried to reach the United States.

They rescue 186 Nicaraguans who were kidnapped in a city in Mexico. Photo: Courtesy / INM

The criminals have demanded the sum of 16 thousand dollars to release them. The relatives of the victims have paid five thousand so that they do not kill them.

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