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Real Madrid will donate 20 power generators to Ukraine

And it is that the lack of electricity in Ukraine due to Russian bombardments on energy facilities this affecting the lives of millions of Ukrainians.

This scenario assumes that the population does not have heatingjust when he arrives huge drop in temperatures in the country.

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The Real Madrid website announced that “Real Madrid, through its Foundation, will support this solidarity initiative with the donation of 20 generators that will be used in different areas of Ukraine“.

It is not the only initiative of Real Madrid with those affected by the war. Thus, the Real Madrid Foundation launched last March “the possibility of carrying out donations to support the Ukrainian people and help alleviate the immediate and devastating effects of war”.

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“The money They will go to the entities with which the Real Madrid Foundation collaborates and which have teams displaced in the conflict zone such as the Red Cross, CESAL, Misiones Salesianas and Epicenter for Children”, explained the Real Madrid website last March.

The entrance Real Madrid will donate 20 power generators to Ukraine was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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