Franklin Morales estudiante de comunicación social capturado este viernes en León.

National Police beat and kidnap political express Franklin Morales

The National Police beat and kidnapped the 26-year-old political prisoner Franklin Morales, during an operation carried out by at least 50 officers, this Friday in León. The agents forced entry to the house and took the young opponent away. His relatives do not know his whereabouts and the reasons for his arrest.

“They took him out of his room by force, beat him and mounted a patrol. Likewise, his sister, who was asleep, was pulled out by her hair to the patio and stolen their cell phones, a ring of light and some headphones, “he told CONFIDENTIAL a family member who asked to protect his identity for fear of retaliation.

“Last Monday, October 10, two plainclothes policemen came to ask about him, but he was not found and they took the data from the person who received them,” said the relative.

“We went to ask the stations and they gave us no information. It was a kidnapping because they didn’t tell me where they were going to take him, if it had been an arrest they would come with a piece of paper that said they had an arrest warrant; however, they did not show anything, “he denounced.

Lower your profile against threats

Morales is a student of social communication. He was detained for five months in 2018, accused without evidence of burning, kidnapping, terrorism and the head of the roadblock. On that occasion, several patrols intercepted and arrested him as he was going home after work.

Since his release, the threats against him and his family have not stopped. “They threatened him that if he rose up against the government they would kill him,” said a relative.

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