National Party requests investigative commission for donation of the IM to the Broad Front

The bench of mayors of the National Party will ask the Departmental Board for an investigative commission before the donation that the Municipality of Montevideo (IM) made last Monday to the Broad Frontfacing a fundraising activity for the political force for the Yes campaign, political sources advanced The Observer.

Mayor Carolina Cosse backed down with the contribution after The Observer consult the community about the case. The Broad Front, for its part, returned the donations, which consisted of boxes of T-shirts and backpacks for a walk-around.

The opposition bloc attacked the “seriousness of the events that occurred” in the framework of “successive practices of political proselytism that link the IM” with the political force that governs it. “We are concerned about the management of the assets and resources of all Montevideo for partisan political purposes,” they wrote in the statement to which he agreed. The Observer.

“Once again the departmental authorities confuse their role as rulers with that of militants of a political force, by authorizing the shipment of these goods” for the Yes campaign, they maintained. “The situations verified violate ethical and legal norms,” ​​they concluded.

“We were very concerned about the fact itself, not because of the amount, but because resources from the IM are allocated to a political force for the Yes campaign,” he told The Observer the white mayor Javier Barrios Bove. “We want to investigate if this was an isolated event or if it has been a systematic policy of the IM, since there have been repeated confusions between this administration and the Broad Front,” he launched.

The leader of Por La Patria added: “Here there has to be some hierarch who gave the order.” “There has to be a political investigation to establish political responsibilities,” he explained, and differentiated the results with respect to a possible “administrative” sanction that the commune could take behind closed doors.

“What would the leaders of the Broad Front say if the Ministry of Social Development donated boxes of T-shirts for the No campaign?” he sentenced.

On the other hand, the Departmental Executive Committee of the Colorado Party expressed this Thursday “its concern about the episode, which is not the first that refers to a donation between the Broad Front and the Municipality of Montevideo”, based on the distribution of supplies for popular pots contributed by militants from the political force and whose logistics were in charge of the IM.

The Colorados also stated “the urgent need to initiate an urgent administrative investigation in order to identify the person or persons responsible for making such a donation”.

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